Top Achievers’ XP Boost Academy Esports Program

Top Achievers’ esports program integrates gameplay strategies with a complete social and emotional learning program that teaches students to be effective communicators, teammates and leaders. Top Achievers’ XP Boost Academy esports program, begun with support from Microsoft Frisco, directs students to college degrees and successful careers in the rapidly growing esports industry. Collin County students in grades 3-12 are eligible to participate in our year-round esports sessions.

Growth of the esports industry ensures that many innovative and engaging jobs will be available to those with the proper education and expertise. To get students ready for these jobs, hundreds of colleges are now offering degree programs in the field of gaming.

According to a 2021 Psychology Today article, kids who internalize the effort, motivation, grit, commitment, and growth mindset needed to succeed in gaming are developing the work skills needed for their future success, whether in gaming or other popular vocations.

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