Boys All-District Basketball Program

Boys All-District Basketball Program

High School
Middle School
Boys High School Program

Boys High School Team

Our program is more than just basketball – it’s a Collin County All-District initiative meticulously crafted to empower young men both on and off the court. We believe in shaping well-rounded individuals who excel not only in athletics but also in life.

On the court, we focus on honing fundamental skills, instilling discipline, and nurturing basketball IQ. Off the court, we’re committed to preparing our players for success beyond the game. We provide opportunities for career readiness, organize college visits, and prioritize character-building through various initiatives. Our comprehensive approach includes workshops, engaging community service projects, and invaluable networking opportunities with young professionals. Top Achievers pairs each player with a dedicated mentor who offers guidance and support throughout their journey. Practices are held once a week on Tuesday nights at Haggard, ensuring consistent skill development and team cohesion. Additionally, we participate in a monthly tournament, emphasizing competitive growth and teamwork. Furthermore, our program integrates regular team-building activities and monthly workshops to foster personal and collective development.

Join us and experience the transformative power of the Five Pillars of Top Achievers. This is more than a basketball program – it’s a pathway to excellence in all aspects of life.

Boys Middle School Program

Boys Middle School Team

This team represents our most competitive level for the 5th / 6th grade age group.

At this level, we mainly focus on intermediate to advanced level skills, conditioning, basketball knowledge, etc.

This team regularly competes in the Select division of the Plano Sports Authority (PSA) and local competitive tournaments.

Recent results include runner-up or a top team in the Select division of the Plano Sports Authority league. This team also regularly places in local competitive DFW tournaments.

This team typically practices on a weekday evening at Haggard Middle School or Prestonwood Christian Academy and Sunday nights at QD Academy in Plano, Texas.

The head coach of this team is Chandler Ruppman.

This team is looking for committed boys who aspire to play high-level basketball and seek to play in competitive tournaments.

For information about practice schedules, tryouts, or other team-related details, please contact Lawrence Mann at +1-469.750.2904 or gro.onalpsreveihcapotobfsctd@ofni.